Staff Listing

Staff Listing with Names, Job Titles, and Phone Numbers
Name Designation Phone
Bursar's Office   404-894-4618
Bursar's Fax   404-894-5536
Gloria Kobus Bursar 404-894-9396
Michaela Allen Student Accounts Specialist 404-894-4890
Marsha Blount Administrative Professional Sr 404-894-3432
Catherine Dill Capital Financing & Compliance Manager 404-385-5615
Emma Gibbs Accountant III | Scholarships Accounting 404-894-1958
Katrice Finch Collections Manager 404-894-4619
Marla Jackson Student Accounts Assistant | Cashiering 404-894-3064
Sean Jackson Student Accounts Specialist, Sr 404-894-8892
Katina James Accounting Manager 2 (Scholarships/Fellowships) 404-385-2736
Gabrielle Lolley Assistant Director, Student Account Services 404-894-5532
Qiana Martin Accountant II | Non-Student Billing | 1042-S 404-894-0476
Susan Morrell Program & Portfolio Manager 404-894-8894
Lauren Nelson Student Accounts Specialist, SR 404-894-4642
Thomas J. Pierce III (Jim) Senior Director, Bursar & Treasury Services 404-894-1271
Wanda Richardson Financial Administrator Lead (Loan Servicing/Marketplace) 404-894-9397
Anandha Sathappan Accountant III | Fellowships Accounting 404-894-8893
Nicole Shepherd Treasury Analyst, Sr 404-385-2201
Darren Smith Third Party Billing Specialist 404-894-6223
Rob Sullivan Business Analyst II 404-894-8597