Direct Deposit

Refund Information

The Georgia Tech Bursar's Office is now processing all student refunds using electronic funds transfer (EFT) also known as eRefunds for student refunds. Please note that if you are a student employee of Georgia Tech and have signed up for direct deposit of your paycheck, the Bursar's Office eRefund process is through a different system and you must sign up separately per the instructions below or you will not receive your student refund in a timely manner. As a student, you can register for EFT by following the instructions below and your disbursements will be processed directly into your checking or savings account.

Deposits via eRefund are made directly to your bank account and result from overpayment of your student account due to financial aid, scholarships, fellowships, loans, or stipend payments from your sponsor. eRefunds is the fastest and most secure way for you to receive a refund. In many cases, the funds will be available within 24 business hours after the refund is processed to your student account.

Your bank must be a U.S. bank. Funds can be deposited either to your checking or savings account but not to both. We are not able to deposit into money market checking accounts.

Students should note that failure to sign up for eRefunds may result in delays in processing your refund, and charges to your account will be incurred to cover bank costs in the event a paper check is lost or stolen and a stop payment must be issued. This is another good reason to sign up for EFT. Please register as soon as possible.

To sign up, do the following:

  • Login to the Student Payment Portal using your GT Account and Password information.
  • Click the Refunds tab in the menu
  • Click the "Set Up Account" button
  • Fill in the bank account information (you will need one of your checks in front of you to get the required routing and account information)
  • Click the "Continue" button.

That's all there is to it! If you make changes to your bank or account information, remember to update using this same method.
Contact us at if you have questions.

Questions About Your Account

General questions about your account can be answered by the Bursar's Office (first floor Lyman Hall; Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; telephone (404) 894-4618, fax (404) 894-5536 or

Address Changes

All student account information is available online. All refund checks are mailed to the P.O. Box on file in the student system unless the student has signed up for eRefunds. The student is responsible for making changes to these addresses. This can be done by using the WEB Student Access System at Oscar. After logging into the system, choose the Personal Information Menu and the option to update the address.

The GT Catalog states that address changes are to be corrected within one week's time. If your address changes and you did not make the appropriate changes to this information, you will be responsible for any late charges or class cancellations resulting from the delay in updating this information.