GRAs and GTAs should sign up for payroll deduction instead of the Georgia Tech Payment Plan.

Fall 2024 Payment Plan Enrollment Dates: August 13, 2024 through August 26, 2024

The GT Payment Plan allows a student to defer payment for up to 50% of the current term's tuition and mandatory fee charges OR the account balance, whichever is less. The deferrable balance is calculated after all actual and expected financial aid is applied to the student account. Financial aid is defined as any anticipated or actual aid, third party and scholarship payments, and waivers (tuition, fee, housing, etc). Under the payment plan terms, half of the deferred balance is due approximately 30 days after classes begin and the remaining amount is due approximately 60 days into the term (note this timing is compressed in Summer due to the shortened nature of the term).

When the payment plan option is elected, a $75 enrollment fee is assessed each term to offset administrative costs. Students may also be required to make a down payment at the time of enrollment (if your account balance after aid is greater than 50% of the tuition and fee charges for the term) and must agree to make both scheduled deferred payments via automatic deduction from their bank accounts during the enrollment process. Failure to make the installments as agreed will result in withdrawal from Georgia Tech.

GT Payment Plan FAQs

How do I enroll?

Sign up is done through Bill Payment Suite.

Before enrolling in the payment plan, you need to complete your registration and ensure that all elective charges such as housing, meal plans, parking, etc. are on your student account. Doing this will ensure you only need to make one down payment (Note that a down payment is only required if your balance exceeds 50% of term tuition and fee charges) and this allows you to defer the maximum amount. When you are ready to enroll in the GT Payment Plan or want to determine how much you may defer under the plan based on your current account status, please follow the step by step instructions.

How does the plan work?

The GT Payment Plan is a two installment plan that allows students to defer up to 50% of their current term tuition and fee charges OR their account balance after aid, whichever is less. The deferrable balance is calculated after all actual and expected financial aid is applied to the student account. Financial aid is defined as any anticipated or actual aid, third party and scholarship payments, waivers (tuition, fee, housing, etc.) or any other credits on your account.

What is the cost?

There is a $75 enrollment fee per term due at signup. In addition, a down payment may be required at enrollment if your student account balance after aid is greater than 50% of your tuition and fee charges for the term.

Who is eligible?

Students with balances remaining after all financial aid payments have been applied to their account are eligible except Graduate Teaching or Research Assistants employed by GT who are eligible for payroll deduction. GRAs and GTAs should sign up for payroll deduction. There is no fee for payroll deduction, deferral is not limited to 50% of tuition and fee charges, and the balance due is spread over three payments rather than two.

When can I enroll?

Enrollment for Fall 2024 begins August 13, 2024 through the Final Payment Deadline of August 26, 2024. Please ensure all charges are on your account before enrolling.

When are the two installments due?

For Fall 2024, the two installment payments are due September 16, 2024 and October 15, 2024. At the time of enrollment students/parents are required to set up deduction of installment payments directly from a bank account via ACH or scheduled payments by a major credit card. Payments are then automatically drafted from your bank.

Am I required to wait until my installment is due to pay it?

You can make payment of any amount towards your next installment at any time.

How do I pay my installment payments?

In order to enroll in the payment plan, you will make a down payment (if required) using ACH (electronic payment) or with a major credit card. You will then agree to have the installment payments made via ACH or by credit card. However, a payment made by any method applies towards your installment amount, so you may make a payment another way (wire, credit card, etc.) if you make the payment prior to an installment due date. As long as an installment is paid in full before the due date, no ACH bank draft or credit card payment will occur. Please ensure payments are made in full at least 24 hours prior to the due date to avoid the possibility of a draft occurring.

Can my installment amounts change after I have signed up for the plan?

Yes. The amounts of your installments may increase or decrease due to recalculation of your tuition and mandatory fees if you add or drop courses. Additionally if a tuition waiver posts to your account, a payment is made on your account, or your financial aid award is adjusted, the installment amounts recalculate accordingly. This recalculation is done at least daily. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your installment amounts have changed.

What happens if I don't make either of the two installment payments as agreed or my payment is returned by the bank?

Not making an installment payment by the due date subjects your account at a minimum to a late fee of $100.  If the due date is exceeded by more than a nominal time period without payment, you will also be withdrawn from school for the term. A returned check is viewed as a late payment and is subject to a returned check fee in addition to the late fee and withdrawal policy.  If withdrawn, courses will be reflected on your transcript and the Georgia Tech refund policy will apply based on the date payment was due. You may also be restricted from enrolling in the GT payment plan in future terms.

Why can't I enroll in a plan?

If your student account balance is fully covered by financial aid you cannot sign up for the GT Payment Plan. Also, if you have a prior term balance, you need to pay it before you can sign up for the Plan.

I paid off an installment and now I see an amount due for it. Why?

An installment reopens if you have new charges on your account and the due date for the installment payment has not passed.

Why do I see the message "you do not have enough eligible charges" when I try to enroll?

This message typically indicates you do not have enough charges to qualify for the plan or your balance does not exceed $100.

Can I defer my Study Abroad Charges under the Payment Plan?

No, Study Abroad program fees cannot be included and deferred in the Payment plan. Payment for the Study Abroad program charges must be made by the stated due date. If you are on the Payment Plan and also have Study Abroad charges, please note that you must specify that payment you make for the Study Abroad charges go towards those charges. Otherwise, payments you make will automatically go towards the next installment payment.

To specifically pay Study Abroad charges in Bill Payment, log in using the "Pay Now" link on the Bursar website, click the "Make a Payment" button, and then select the Study Abroad Charge you want to pay. If paying at the Cashier windows, please inform the cashier that you want to pay a Study Abroad charge on your account so that the payment is applied properly.

I am on a Payment Plan and also have Monthly Housing Charges not included in the plan. How do I direct my rent payments so they don't pay down my installments but instead pay my Housing that is due?

To pay your monthly housing charges, log into Bill Payment using the "Pay Now" link on the Bursar website, click the "Make a Payment" button, and then select the Housing charge you want to pay. This will ensure that the payment pays the Housing charge and not the next installment.