UAS for Institutional Loan Servicing

For new and currently enrolled students receiving Federal Perkins or Institutional Loans:

You will be notified via Georgia Tech email when your outstanding Institutional Loan requirements, including Promissory Note and TILA, are ready for you to complete.

Check email frequently for your notification.



Will my loan amount, interest or monthly payment amounts change?

No, your loan amounts, interest and monthly payments will remain the same. If you currently make payments online or are set up for recurring ACH payments, the following action is required after you receive your first UAS billing statement:

Go to and click on “Sign Up”. Once your UAS user account is setup you can:

  •          View your account balance and monitor activity
  •          Sign-up for electronic billing statements
  •          Setup automatic recurring payments or make a one-time payment

When will I be able to access my account through the UAS website?

Borrowers will have access to the UAS Borrower Portal beginning mid-October.

Does this affect my Federal Direct Loans?

The transition to UAS only affects students that have received Federal Perkins Loans and/or Institutional Loans from Georgia Tech. Students will still work directly with their lenders for Federal Direct Loan inquiries and repayment options.