Third-Party Billing FAQs


  1. What does Georgia Tech consider to be Third-Party billing?

    A third party is defined as an approved company or organization that will be responsible for paying all or a part of student account charges.

  2. How do I know if I have a scholarship or if my sponsor is considered a Third-Party?

    Scholarships do not require an invoice, while third parties require that an invoice be sent directly from Georgia Tech to remit payment.

  3. How are invoices sent to third parties?

    Invoices are sent via mail or electronically to third party sponsors via email.

  4. When in the term will my sponsor be invoiced for my tuition?

    Invoices will be sent one week after the add/drop period ends to ensure that all invoices are accurate. During the add/drop period, changes in registration often correlate with changes in tuition charges.

  5. How are funds remitted when using a Third-Party billing arrangement?

    Funds are remitted directly to Georgia Tech, not to the student.

  6. When is payment expected from my Third-Party?

    Although third party payments are not expected to be paid by the student’s fee payment deadline, the billing authorization must be received in the Bursar’s Office by the student’s fee payment deadline to prevent class cancellation. Payments are due from the sponsor within 30 days of receiving the invoice from Georgia Tech.

  7. What happens if my Third-Party sponsor does not pay in a timely manner?

    If the sponsor fails to send payment for the agreed upon amount or charge, the charges will be reinstated to the student account and become the student's responsibility. Student accounts will be placed on hold and further registration will not be allowed until paid.

  8. How can I waive the Georgia Tech Student Medical Insurance plan?

    For further information regarding this topic, please click here.