Voluntary Student Fees

Voluntary Student Fees - Please note if you are registered for 4 or more billable hours (and not a member of one of the groups listed below), these fees are included in the mandatory fees already assessed to your student account. You do not need to sign up again to have access.

Eligible students (see definition below) can elect to pay these fees voluntarily and receive access to the services and activities these fees support.

The elective fees to choose from are:

  • Campus Recreation Center (CRC) Fee
  • Health Services Fee
  • Athletics Fee

Following groups are eligible to voluntarily elect these fees:

  • Georgia Tech Students who are 62 years of age or older
  • Georgia Tech Students who are dual enrolled with their high school
  • Currently or recently enrolled students under the age of 62 or not dual enrolled who meet these criteria:
    • Students registered for the current semester with 1-3 billable hours
    • Co-op students or interns
    • Students not registered for the current semester that were registered in the immediate previous semester
    • Students not registered for the current semester that are pre-registered for the immediate following semester (previously enrolled students only)

Charges and payments made will be posted to the student's account the next business day. The individual departments (Health Services, CRC, Athletics Dept) will grant access to the services as soon as practical after that posting.

To pay for your Voluntary Student Fees, please click here.