Student Organizations


Marketplace Information

Marketplace allows your student organization members to pay dues or purchase products by credit card. The funds are typically deposited into a revenue account associated with an Agency Fund.

Student organizations create a "uStore" account. uStore allows users to create a generic web store with "products" that can be purchased online via credit card. Touchnet is the secure payment gateway for payments. It is important to know that credit card information is not stored by Georgia Tech. Credit card payments are processed to the Agency Fund/Peoplesoft project number/revenue account designated.

Student organizations using Marketplace should understand 2% of each charge is retained for the credit card fees that Georgia Tech is charged as the merchant. For example, if the product cost were $100, $2 would be reserved for payment of the merchant fees.

Web expertise is not required to create an account with the uStore option.

Marketplace Accounting

Student organizations may only use on-campus revenue accounts to collect funds paid through Marketplace. Funds cannot be deposited into foundation accounts or off-campus bank accounts. Note: If taxable products are to be sold, please consult with the Georgia Tech Controller's Office to obtain the appropriate type of account and to understand the tax reporting requirements. Click here for more information.

Student organizations cannot conduct fundraising campaigns or collect donations through Marketplace under any circumstances.

Abuse of this privilege or any violations of Institute policy while using Marketplace will cause the online store to cease functioning and the student organization leader(s) might be alleged to have violated the Student Code of Conduct.

Refunding Marketplace Purchases:

Credit cards are the only approved method for taking payment through Marketplace. Refunds for a credit card payment must be approved by store management, and then only refunded back to the original payment method and account number in an amount that does not exceed the original purchase.

ACH payments should not be taken in Marketplace as validity of funds cannot be immediately verified which exposes the unit and Georgia Tech to more risk. If there is justification and an exception is approved to allow ACH as a payment method, any request for a refund from an ACH Marketplace payment should be approved by unit management prior to refunding to ensure funds were actually received by Georgia Tech and that refunding is appropriate. A request to refund to a different account should be reviewed carefully to assess the legitimacy of the refund request. Please contact GT Treasury Services to confirm receipt of funds from an ACH payment and to discuss refund options as ACH refunds cannot under any circumstances be processed through Marketplace.

Requesting and Creating a Marketplace Account

If your student organization is interested in using Marketplace, complete the Marketplace request form.

Please note: In the request, the revenue account and Peoplesoft project number are required before your student organization can create an account. If your student organization does not have a revenue account with the Student Organizations Finance Office, contact Edo Diabaka, Student Organizations Accountant (

After the request is submitted the Director of Student Organizations will approve the account and forward the request to the Student Affairs IT Manager who will set up the account and contact the person who made the request. Please allow at least two weeks for approval.

The individual that made the request will log into Marketplace and design the store front with appropriate descriptions, charges, and refund information.

Once the account has been set up, the store should be tested before going live.