Third-Party Billing

| Vouchers for Third Party Billing are due to the Bursar's Office by Friday May 3, 2023 for Summer 2024 Courses. |

| Please send third-party billing authorizations to |

If an approved company or organization will be responsible for paying all or a part of a student's tuition and fees, this is called a Third-Party Billing arrangement. The Georgia Institute of Technology requires a "Billing Authorization" from the company or organization in order to set up a Third-Party Billing Contract. Listed below is the complete set of steps that are required in order to set up an approved Third-Party billing arrangement.

The sponsoring organization and/or Student are responsible for submitting an authorization or voucher on the organization's letterhead to the Bursar's Office. Note: documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view, download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Authorizations must be written in English and contain no restrictions or contingencies (For example, if the sponsor requires course completion, grades or transcripts prior to payment, the transaction does NOT qualify as Third-Party Billing). Each authorization will be valid for one semester unless otherwise specified. The authorization MUST include the following:

  • Student's name
  • Students account number (Georgia Tech Identification Number as provided to the organization by the student.)
  • The authorization must clearly outline each type of fees and charges the company will be responsible for paying, such as Tuition, Mandatory Fees, Housing, Parking and Health Insurance.
  • It must be signed by an official authorized to obligate payment by the organization.
  • The information provided must include the name of the contact person, billing address, email address and telephone number from the organization.

Authorizations should be received at least two weeks prior to the fee payment deadline each semester. Upon receipt of a valid billing authorization, our office will apply a conditional credit to your student account while we await payment from your Third-Party sponsor. Each Sponsor will receive an invoice requesting payment for the student(s) after the add/drop period for that semester. Please note: Students whose sponsor fails to pay the authorized charges will have their conditional credit reversed and will be responsible for the unpaid charges. A financial hold will be placed on the student’s account until the balance is paid in full. Students are encouraged to remain in contact with their sponsor until the terms of the billing authorization have been met.

Send authorizations via email to or via mail to:

Georgia Tech
Bursar's Office
Attn: Third Party Billing Representative
Lyman Hall Building, Room 111
225 North Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0255

Contact the Bursar's Office at (404) 894-6323 or with questions regarding Third-Party Billing Payments.


Georgia Institute of Technology has three ROTC divisions: Army, Air Force and Navy. Each semester ROTC will cover charges for Tuition and Mandatory Fees only for each qualified cadet. A ROTC cadet that is eligible can receive either Hope or ROTC. The cadet, per ROTC requirements, is not allowed to receive both funds.

For questions:

(404) 894-4175 Air Force

(404) 894-9938 Army

(404) 894-4771 Navy

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